A Note from the MD – Richard England | Spring 2024

Richard England

I am so proud of my team here at The Courier Company Nationwide, for all their hard work pushing this company forward. The past 5/6 years have been tough on everyone, battling Brexit concerns, COVID, recruitment and supply issues and then on to more recent times with the peaking of fuel prices and resource problems caused by the Ukraine conflict. Now we find ourselves in a recession with lots of businesses struggling to stay afloat. Despite all those issues, in that time, we have still managed to nearly triple the size of our business.

With further growth planned, we have had a major reorganisation of our management team. Most notably, the introduction of a Business Director, Ian Carter, who has focused our efforts on measuring and improving our customer service, which is the most important part of running a service business. Due to the ad-hoc nature of our business, we are judged on every delivery we make and we need to ensure that each and every delivery is as good as the last.

The day to day running of a despatch office is very challenging, with parameters and goal posts constantly moving, yet our controllers seem to take this in their stride and manage to deal with each day as it comes, finding solutions to all the issues that pop up. They simply do a great job, which is reinforced by the feedback I receive from satisfied customers on a regular basis.

This year has been a year of realignment, preparing ourselves for future growth and I am very enthusiastic about how our whole team has embraced our company ethos, which is to deliver a quality, professional delivery service that is second to none.